Minnesotans for Better Education, Standards and Testing

Minnbest is a non-partisan, broad based coalition of parents, educators and school advocacy groups who believe excellent public education is a foundation of democracy in America.



Who could have predicted that the efforts of our coalition would bring down the powerful forces at work to destroy our schools?

In September, when the first draft of the Science and Social Studies Standards were released, we defined victory in two ways.

1. Science standards based on science, not ideology.

2. Social Studies standards that were mainstream and did no harm to schools.

We also understood that a confirmation of the Commissioner would be an endorsement of her ideologies, therefore she had to be removed.

At 3:45 AM 5-16-04 Commissioner Yecke was removed by the Senate.
At 6:55 AM 5-16-04 The Senate passed a joint version of the Science and Social Studies Standards.

There are no words that will do to congratulate the coalition members on our victory. Despite the laughable attacks that called us a "well funded" effort, your patriotic fervor, days and months of hard work, and smart leadership paid off. Democracy still works in Minnesota.