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Providence Academy teacher attacks strong, Republican woman

Despite the machinations during the Yecke battle, the truth cannot be covered up forever. King and the boys have now turned their attention to Wendy Swanson-Choi, a respected, smart and driven female leader in the Republican Party. She worked tirelessly to help Pawlenty fend off the attacks from the nutty element of the Republican Party and to get him elected by a plurality of the voters.

Some Republicans laughingly tried to paint the Democrats as anti-woman. Now that most commissioners were confirmed and Yecke is going around the state whining about "unstatesmanlike behavior," the misfits are coming out from under their rocks again.

From Star Tribune
"Her [Yecke's] rejection in the Senate shows that the fight over education can only be resolved by consensus and bridge-building, not by polemics, partisan rhetoric and arrogance.

Try telling that to this polemicist from Swanson-Choi's website, or "M stands for me", or Skrentner, or this boomer who managed to put down the bong long enough to hold a sign."

From the comments of Ben Blackhawk, Providence Academy, Plymouth:

"Wendy Swanson-hyphenated-Choi, regardless of whose campaign she volunteered for, is clearly a case of sour grapes. As a teacher who has worked on many "curriculum committees" and the like, I recognize that "she [Yecke] didn't listen to anyone" is code language for "she didn't take my spectacular suggestions as the core of the whole work." Ms. Hyphenated is also upset that religious folks got any say at all. She must be used to total exclusion of anyone with the same beliefs about God as the founders of this country. As for "private school backers," no one can deny the influence of private schools on education, but only ideologues resent the way they improve all of education with their influence, not to mention resentment that parents have alternatives to the monolithic public schools."

It is officially denied. Private schools are a drain on the resources of the public schools. They are subsidized by the public and we have nothing to show for our investment. Providence academy and these new religious schools seem to be producing nothing but arrogance.