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Does this make him a Nabob or just a nincompoop?

The results are in at Warren Anderson's school (New Spirit Middle) and the wonderful core knowledge curriculum he advocated!!! 7th grade Math a whopping 15% passed and a bit more impressive at 7th grade Reading 19% passed (pioneer press, 5/19/04).

See his bizarre rant here.
"If one is a home-schooling parent, a teacher in a religious school, a private school administrator, a charter school educator, an educator not currently teaching or someone of European heritage, then his voice does not and should not count. The argument is that he or she is not a "real" teacher or educator. Or he or she is part of the "devil race.""

Warren Anderson has been awfully quick to point out the statistics for Minneapolis/St. Paul test scores in an attempt to denigrate traditional public school systems. A MinnBest member had the unfortunate experience to have to listen to him drone on and on as he was the chair of the 6-8 social studies committee. With statistics like these does this make him a Nabob or a Luddite???