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BANNED!!!! Sob!!!


Unlike you, we refuse to endorse things we have not read.

MinnBEST was there all the way through the process and kept track of every step. Every change in wording was monitored. There was a lot of give and take, but in the end, though too voluminous, they are not the bizarre version you never read, yet endorsed.

They are on the senate webpage awaiting your endorsement. The Econ standards are largely the ones passed by the house.

Your hyperbole is amusing. No one was shot. Now Yecke has her dream of making much more money working for the Heritage institute.

It is also hilarious that you would call us the Taliban. It is you who prefers ideology and party politics to reason.

All the Best
MinnBEST | Email | Homepage | 05.17.04 - 7:26 pm |

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MinnBEST was there all the way through the process and kept track of every step.

Thanks, further proof that you have far too much influence with the DFL. You did all that and kept teaching and grading too? And you believe you're overworked and underpaid?

I don't believe you read them. I don't believe a majority of the people who voted for them read them. You replayed the Profile strategy and passed them under cover of darkness and continue to besmirch the good citizens of this state who helped write the House standards, as well as those who came out to debate the first draft in good conscience. And our children will pay for your desire to continue in thought-control.

Don't bother writing again, M. Your usefulness to this site has ended, and with it your posting rights.
King | Email | Homepage | 05.17.04 - 8:34 pm | #

Poor King. Not only did he lose his cause, lose his champion, but now he has lost his sense of humor.

Too bad he refuses to believe that MinnBEST is a vast coalition.

You can email him to tell him what you think.