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Rally Against Proposed Standards & For Better Standards!

Rally Against Proposed Standards & For Better Standards!
Saturday, January 31st, 11am-Noon
State Capitol

ACTION ALERT: Now that the legislature has received the final draft of proposed social studies standards, people from throughout Minnesota who are concerned about the future of history, civics, economic and geography education in our state need to let our elected officials know that the proposed standards are unacceptable. The time is NOW. Senate and House Education committees will be considering the proposed standards in February. Call, email, and/or write a letter to Senate Education Committee and House Education Policy Committee chairpersons (Senator Steve Kelley and Representative Barb Sykora) and their fellow members to express your concerns and make suggestions. Also, call, email, and/or write a letter to your state senator and representative, the Governor, your local school board, and your local paper. Forward this email to at least 5 people.

Problems with the Final Draft K-12 Standards (The list below is a summary of the concerns raised by the following diverse groups at the Senate Education committee hearing on January 23rd--- Dissenting standards writing committee members (4); Minneapolis Public Schools; St. Paul Public Schools; Edina Public Schools; Assoc. of Metropolitan School Districts; Mankato Public Schools; Teachers from Minneapolis and Edina; a majority of U of M historians and a Macalester College historian of African American history; diverse students from various Twin City and metro area schools; MN Parent Teachers Association; Parents United for Public Schools, and MAPSSS.)
Too Costly to Implement
Too Numerous to Cover with Quality
Do Not Respect Local Control and District Autonomy
Too Prescriptive to Districts, Schools and Teachers
Too Age-Inappropriate
Historically and Culturally Inaccurate
Do Not Empower Students to Become Effective Citizens
Do Not Empower Students to Live and Work in the 21st Century
Unbalanced: Politically and Ideologically Biased
Eurocentric and Racist
For more information about the Proposed Social Studies Standards, upcoming events, and what you can do to make help sure they are not passed by the Legislature, visit the Minnesotans Against Proposed Social Studies homepage at:
Please forward this message to everyone you know who may be interested or concerned about the civic education of our youth.
yours in learning and democracy,
Paul SpiesMAPSSS co-founder