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Check the credentials

Star Tribune 1/26/04

Check the credentials

I am a college history professor with 37 years' experience. Were I
asked to lend support to a screwball set of standards in chemistry,
biblical studies, Spanish, law or English, I would defer my judgment.
This deference to intellectual respect apparently does not obtain to
the majority of those Minnesota professors who have lent their names to
the transparently ideological "standards" for social studies.

This is part of a disturbing trend in modern America, and one out of
place in Minnesota. If an expert economist warns against massive tax
cuts, ignore her. The letters of 47 professors from Minnesota colleges -
- many of whom have not spent their careers in researching and teaching
history, economics or government -- are no more valid than my
suggestions on maximizing thrust on the rockets to take us to Mars.

Gerald Anderson, Moorhead, Minn.